League Standings

Normal prices:
$3.50 per game/
rent a lane for
maximum of 5 bowlers
per lane.

Shoe rental:
Our association tournament is now
The Riverbelle Lanes Memorial Tournament

In memory of:
Fuzzy Gore
J W Ford
Rufus Flannigan
Bill McCrory
Jimmy Mason
Joe Williams
Adam Washington
Jim Turbyfill
Buster Tucker
Larry Bell
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We are open for bowling and serving drinks and appetizers.

Monday Through Thursday                         4:00pm......................10:00pm

Friday                                                                       4:00pm  till   11:00pm

Saturday                                                                 4:00pm  till    Midnight

Cosmic Bowling from 10:00pm till Midnight first Saturday of each month.

Sunday                                                               5:00pm......................9:00pm

Arrangements for private parties can be made from the website by way of
the Party Options  link on the left.

Please Read our Rules

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On these pages you will find complete league standing information.
As it becomes available, I will put it on the website.
Riverbelle Lanes, Inc
  • We will do our best to maintain a good family
  • Call us for parties or group outings (662) 332-0500.
  • Sorry but we do not allow outside food or drinks to be
    brought in. Except for cake and ice cream for the birthday
    parties, or corporate parties booked in advance.

For Everyone's information:

Election of officers was conducted at the Association meeting,
here are the officers:

Greenville Association

President:                                           Randall Lauderdale
Vice-president                                          Ann Rivers        
Association manager:                            Todd Olmi           

Board of Directors:

John Caldwell                                             Floyd White
Rosetta Monroe                                         Margaret Evans
Ken Rivers                                             Ricky Nelson
Association Meeting will be held at
Riverbelle Lanes August 21 at 6:30pm.

All bowlers are urged to attend.
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specials for the
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